"THE HANDMADE JOURNEY ACADEMY: The ultimate solution you need to create a dependable action plan for your Etsy business, so you can stop winging it and get to work."

The doors are currently closed for new members but they'll be reopening soon!

And rumor has it that anyone who signs up to be notified will get an exclusive discount!!

Here's what's included with the Academy:

  • The expertise of a successful Etsy entrepreneur who built a full-time Etsy business in less than 8 months. (That’s Jami!) 
  • Unlimited access to ALL of the Handmade Journey Academy's step-by-step trainings!  
  • In-depth video courses added every month on topics like SEO, Handmade at Amazon, Product Photography and Social Media Marketing 
  • Exclusive features on the Handmade Journey blog & Social Media pages as well as the Handmade Hype IG feature account. 
  • A close-knit Facebook community of positive and motivated Etsy sellers who love to jump in and help each other out.  
  • Short & effective Quick Win courses that will deliver big results with minimal effort  
  • Worksheets & Checklists to help track sales, set up your SEO, determine your profit margins, create a renewing strategy and more 
  • Weekly live Q&A videos where you can get all of your questions answered. No fluff, no excess.  
  • Seasonal & Holiday Keyword Lists to help make updating your listings a breeze
  • Your business will be included on our public Member Directory to help promote your shop & social media.  

And these amazing bonuses!

The bonues alone are valued at almost $60!!

"Don’t waste your time winging it. Get rid of the guesswork with the Academy and create a rock-solid plan for your Etsy business"

All of the courses in the Academy would cost you well over $500 elsewhere.  

You're getting clear-cut, actionable and step-by-step strategies that make sense and are easy to implement. All at an affordable price!  

Doesn't that sound like a giant sigh of relief? 

Here's what a few of our current members have to say:

So who's the teacher?

If you don't know me yet, my name is Jami King. My passions are my two sons, Conner (age 11) and Sawyer (age 3) and my handmade business.

I started my own Etsy shop in April of 2016 after having failed at starting a shop 8 years prior. Yep, that's right. I completely bombed my first time on Etsy.

But my stubborness lit a fire in me to make sure I didn't fail again so I threw everything I had into researching what it takes to do well on Etsy.

And it worked! Within 8 short months I was able to quit my soul-crushing corporate job. Etsy supported my entire family from that moment on!

After a busy first year on Etsy I knew that I had found the strategies that worked. Wanting to give back to other sellers was my motivation to start the Handmade Journey group.  

But it grew so quickly that I couldn't work as closely with sellers as wanted to. So the Handmade Journey Academy was born. I can really connect with sellers there and make a difference in their businesses.  

And I'm still in the trenches with my own Etsy and Handmde @ Amazon shop. I know exactly what each handmade seller is going through because I'm going through it too.  

My own shops are where I constantly try new strategies to help bring new ideas to my members. So if you're looking for a teacher who understand the challenges you face and is ready to teach you tested strategies, I'm your girl!!